This journey of researching time management was born at the peak intersection point between frustration and drive. I’ve improved so much since I started five months ago. It honestly feels like I wrote First Steps in a Journey of Process ages ago. In retrospect, I feel that my mental health was holding me back more than anything. I didn’t have anything to grasp onto, and time management proved to be the foundation by which I could grow.

So it’s time to move on from this chapter. I’ll continue to fine tune what works for me, and start challenging myself in new ways. There’s only so much advice you can read before you get diminishing returns.

This post will serve as a reminder of the low I hit in 2020, and how I successfully dug myself out of it. Through sheer force of will it seemed like, but that would do a disservice to my friends and family. A big thanks to them as well.

Cheers 🍻